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Splitting Mica:


Brick/Chunk refers to this kind of mica. This type of mica has the ability to cover more, but to do that you must break them down.


On the edges of each chunk, you can see where the pieces seperate.


With your fingers or a tool (ex: razor), begin to split apart the mica.


Continue splitting, eventually the brick/chunk will break into about 7-9 single mica sheets.


Now you can start to tear, cut, score the mica sheets as you please!


From my calculations, about 5 lbs of brick/chunk mica split into single square layers will cover an 8' x 10' wall.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

Mica Store Items That Can Use These Tips:

1. Single Amber Squares - Roughly 16 sq feet per pound.

2. Indian Summer - Roughly 2.5"-3.5" can be broken down to 6-8 slices per square, gives the option to use the mica thicker than the Single Amber Squares

3. Champagne Mica Chunk/Brick - 3"-6" thinner and smaller, more oval shape.

4. Large Champagne Mica Chunk/Brick - 4"-7"

5. Jumbo Mica Pieces - Over 1'-2' roughly 2-6 layers in each piece.

6. Mica Sampler - Provides all the pieces available from the store.